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H&S Foods Consultants specializes in: Ideation, Bench Work, Pilot Lab Work, Scale-up, Start-up, Product Development, Optimization, USDA Compliance, and Expert Witness Testimony.

How Can We Help You in Food Process Technology?

Our expertize includes Freeze-thaw Formulation, Fat & Sugar Crystallization, Sugar Bloom, Fat Bloom, Oil Water Emulsions, Hydrocolloids (gums) Activations, Starch Activation, Heat Exchangers, Evaporation, Distillation, Aroma Recovery, Essences, Extraction, Cooking, Cooling, Mixing, and De-aeration.

Do You Use Any of These Ingredients or Use/Make Any of These Products?. Well, we have!

How about fats (lipids), emulsifiers, sugars, maltodextrins, sugar alcohols, starches, preservatives, anti-oxidants, fillings, icings, toppings, release agents, protein isolates, coffee, juice, peanut butter, nutrition bars, protein gummies, and fruit snacks.

Has your company been sued?   We provide expert witness testimony.

Has the USDA shut you down?  We provide the latest in compiance techniques to head you in the right direction.




Fairfield, TN serving USA

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