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H&S Foods Consultants

Products We Have Developed


Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee, Hills Brothers Ground Coffee, Nestea Instant Tea, Nestle Strawberry & Chocolate Quick

Protein Related Products

Protein Isolate process to replace casein in processed cheese, Protein Nutrition Bars, Protein Gummies, Protein Fruit Snacks


Ready-to-Use Bakery

Kroger Icing, Frosting, Pie Fillings on all bakery items in Kroger Case: Cakes, Donuts, etc., Kroger Garlic Spread, Nabisco SnackWell's Streusel Squares With Fruit/Icing/Pastry, Mallet Cake and Bread Pan Release Agents


Kroger Vinegar, Kroger Mustard including Dijon, Kroger Pickles, Kroger Tide, Kroger Wisk, Kroger Diapers, Heinz’s Ketchup, Kroger Peanut Butter, Kroger Low-Fat Peanut Butter, Kroger Low Sugar Peanut Butter

Food Safety

Ready-To-Eat Meat As Related To Food Safety Processes (Three patents pending) Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Oscar Mayer XXL Hot Dogs


Kettle Valley Fruit Strips & Ropes, Protein Gummies, Protein Fruit Strips


Fairfield, TN serving USA

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